Sunday, 21 October 2012

*78 Days of Tarot* ~ The Magician

Merry Meet, 

Welcome to Day 2 of *78 Days of Tarot*

The Magician - Card 1

Keywords; Power, Belief, Law of Attraction, Challenge, Gift, Skill, Elements, Dreams, 

Today we meet The Magician who to me always inspires me and fills me with such hope. He also reminds me of a Universal teaching that has become so popular these days we can actually deem it fashionable ;  The Law of Attraction. 

In my first days of learning tarot, The Magician was my most hoped for card as I learnt that not only was he balanced (being a Libran, this is important to me) by his awareness of all 4 elements; represented by the cup, wand, sword and pentacle (water, fire, air and earth respectively) but he had the ability to do anything he put his mind to. 

I think everyone, regardless of their pathway or life circumstances can be inspired by the presence of this energy. Don't we all want to be told that WE CAN IF WE TRY? I believe that The Magician arrives in our lives when we may be feeling hopeless, despair or lacking in confidence, to remind us that if we only use the tools that we have around us (just like he does laid upon the table) then we can be living a life that others may see as only merely a dream. 

I also believe this card can mean that we are about to enter a phase in our lives where we are going to be tested, perhaps to the max, but definitely we are going to have our boundaries pushed. What do we do in this situation? We use all of our elemental spirit, our experiences, our heartaches, our passions, our ideas and thoughts, and our resources to throw everything we have at this situation and by utilizing the power of our thoughts (WE CAN IF WE TRY), come out the other end happier, healthier, wiser and proud of our achievement. 

I hope everyone can take the energy of The Magician with them over the next 24 hours or so and carry him with them throughout their lives, as we prepare to meet with The High Priestess tomorrow. 

Blessed Be, 

xx HedgeWitch @ Home xx

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