Thursday, 1 November 2012

30 Days of Gratitude ~ Day 1

For the whole Month of November I will be taking part in the the "30 Days of Gratitude" project on my blog. I practice the art of Gratitude and giving thanks daily and have been for a while now. I've seen it change my life and the lives of others. I was always brought up my Mum & Dad to say Thank You and to always do something nice to help others. I've really learnt in the past 8 years since the passing of my Father just how much of a Spiritual Teacher he was to me. Thank you Dad. 

Which, now leads me onto today's post of Gratitude. Each day I will post about 1 thing/person/event/situation that I am grateful for. I could give you a list of things I'm grateful for, but I doubt they would mean much to you, so I'm going to do it this way. 


November 1st 2012 

I am eternally grateful for the Loving influence of my Father in my life that still teaches me how to live life successfully to this day even though he is in the Spirit World/Summerlands because he has helped me to see the powerful tools and abilities I have within me that can truly make my dreams come true. Thank you Dad x 

My father was a very successful and lived a full life that was full of ambition, meaning and achievement. He was most proud of his time spent as  Police Dog Handler, and Scenes of Crime Plan Drawer. He also had many other professions from being in the Army, Grenadier Guards where he actually stood at St James Palace and Guarded our Queen. He took part in the Queen's Coronation and even was a Boxer for the Police Force. 

I always knew that he was successful in life, not because of his job titles but because he worked hard and achieved what he set his mind to. He was a fantastic artist and loved painting with oils and sketching with me.  I do wonder sometimes what my artistic ability would be like had I let him teach me more. Still, he was always very proud of me and continually praised me to everyone he met. (It sometimes - OK a lot of the time, was very embarrassing). It didn't matter what I was interested, what Job I wanted to do be it; teacher, accountant or nurse, he "sung my praises". 

He also taught me a lot of things that I've since come to look upon as "Spiritual Keys to Life". Both Mum and Dad instilled in me morals, manners and Love of all that is from birth. I always say thank you, I always allow people to pass if there isn't room for both to walk on by, I open doors, offer help, show my appreciation to others the best way I can, and I always listen to what people have to say. One thing my Dad always said to Mum and I was that "Every night, I thank god for you both." I think this really is important to do, sometimes we can take people for granted, perhaps thinking that they will always be there. Especially our loved ones. Maybe we don;t say Thank you to them individually enough, but could we perhaps dedicate some time throughout our day to give thanks for them? I think so. 

So, today, I am saying, "Thank you God for giving me a wonderful Father who always did his best to teach me how to live a happy and successful life. Thank you for giving me a father who wasn't afraid to stand in his power and do what he believed was right. Thank you for giving me a father who helped hundred and thousands of people in his professions he had over the years. And thank you God for giving me a Father who made my Mum so very happy." 

What are you grateful for today? 

HedgeWitch @ Home 

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